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Meet The Team


Curator and Exhibition Design and Production

Man Ho Yin, Hofi_portrait photo.jpg

Curator and Exhibition Design and Production


Curator and Exhibition Design and Production

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Curator and Communications Officer

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Curator and Editorial


Curator and Registrar


Curator and Educational Coordinator

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Curator and Digital Media Manager  


Curator and Graphic Design


We would like to thank the below individuals and organizations for helping to realize this exhibition. NYU staff, 80WSE staff, lenders, and outside collaborators all contributed with enthusiasm and generosity, lending time, expertise and works of art. We are grateful to you all.


Olivia Andrews

Sophia Arian

Sean Britton 

Tammy Lee Brown

Howie Chen

Ken Castronuovo

Nancy Deihl

Michael Downer

Matthew Friedman

Joyce Fung

Olivier Goulet

Patrick Herron

Jon Huron

Norma Kamali

Stephanie Kim

Mika Kiyono

Albright Fashion Library

Rachel Lifter

Xitong Ivy Liu

Alexandria Masse


New York City Fire Museum

Angel Pan

Maura Puscheck

Peggy McGlone


Marissa Santalla

Cynthia Settje

Christian Siriano

Jonathan Michael Square

Kiyomi Taylor

Shifan Zhang

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