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National Safety Apparel (American, founded 1935)

Ensemble, 2022

Silver aluminized Acrysil




Worn by those exposed to high temperature environments, aluminized clothing is an important and essential category of high-performing personal protective equipment for workers in foundries, metal shops and steel mills. Aluminized fabrics have the ability to act as a mirror and reflect ninety-five percent of radiant heat away from the wearer, as well as to protect from molten metal splash. This functional aluminized suit is resistant to heat, flame, and molten splatter.

Milly (American, founded 2000)

Ensemble, spring/summer 2019

Silver foiled synthetic plain weave

Courtesy MILLY and S. Rothschild




The ensemble displayed here is from Milly’s spring/summer 2019 collection entitled “Metamorphosis.” Designer Michelle Smith explained that the collection was about “embracing stages in life and being vibrant.” Inspired by functional apparel, the recent and ubiquitous use of silver foil in fashion reflects a desire to stand out from the crowd by emitting one’s own light, thereby allowing one’s identity to radiate in turn. 

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