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Medieval Collectibles (American, founded 2003)

Coif, 2022


Courtesy Medieval Collectibles




Medieval Collectibles crafts leather and steel armor, chain mail, and helmets in the same style of those worn by knights from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries. Made from hundreds of interlinking rings, medieval chain mail provided flexible protection in battle, and when combined with steel armor, created a distinct suit that knights wore to show allegiance to the monarch, church, or country they served. Medieval Collectibles’ chain mail coifs are battle ready and provide head, neck, and shoulder protection for knights in live action role–playing (LARP) events, re-enactments, and Renaissance fairs. 

Rebirth Garments (American, founded 2014)

Sky Cubacub (American, born 1991)

Top, 2016

Headpiece, 2022

Top of pink and lavender anodized aluminum and clear plastic; headpiece of polychrome anodized aluminum and clear plastic

Courtesy Rebirth Garments




The mission of Rebirth Garments is to create gender nonconforming clothing for every kind of person that exists; people on the full spectrum of gender expression, size, and ability. Employing bright colors, exuberant fabrics, and innovative design, Rebirth Garments creates affirming clothing for queer and disabled people that acts as armor to help move through a world that has not fully embraced their existence. Like traditional armor, Rebirth Garments’ chain mail designs lend protection and courage to wearers.

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